Rolo the
Pet Earthling

David Hundsness
Middle Grade, 30,000 words
Sample Art
in progress
Zira finally gets her own pet earthling, Rolo.
But when he runs from the earthling catchers
and learns about the fabled planet Earth,
he wants to be more than just a pet.
“What a fantastically engaging story!
I love the premise and fun plot expertly
woven with heartfelt, meaningful moments.
The brilliant humor had me laughing
throughout, and the delightful characters
come alive in an authentic way.”
— Jennifer Rees
editor of The Hunger Games

I’m writing a sequel:

Pet Earthling: Planet of the Cats
Rolo discovers the lost planet Earth
is now ruled by cats. With no family
or friends, he runs away with the
flying circus to find his people.

Zailey Wants a
Pet Earthling
David Hundsness &
Sofia Komarenko
Picture Book Zailey begs her mom
for a pet earthling.
Plus 2 more stories.

“Funny and sweet. Zailey is lovable,
determined, smart, and relatable.
Readers will enjoy the idea of a
pet earthling!”

— Jennifer Rees
editor of The Hunger Games

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