By David Hundsness
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Middle Grade Sci-fi
28,000 words

Zira finally gets her own pet earthling, Rolo. His life as a pet is easy but routine, until he runs away from the earthling catchers and learns about the fabled planet Earth.

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3 Picture Books

Aliens and their
pet earthlings

Animated, Family
93 pages

Rolo’s life as a pet earthling
is easy but routine. When he runs away from his loving alien owner, he gives up everything to look for a home he never knew existed: Earth.

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Understanding Your
Pet Earthling

Humorous insights on earthling behavior from
an alien perspective.

“Fun and inspired, with plenty of heart and spectacle.”
— The Black List
“With its quirky humor and complex themes,
the script stands out easily.”
— The Golden Script
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