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2. Mocking Order
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5. Anti-Reality
6. Anti-Unknowns
7. Anti-Happiness
Movie Pitch
Movie Pitch
Life as a Pet Earthling
What if earthlings were loved as pets?
One man has an easy life as a pet, but when Animal Control
comes after him, he and his young owner run away and learn
about the fabled planet Earth, and he must decide his own future.
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Earthling man, Zira’s pet.
Bored by the easy pet life.
Wants more in life.
Alien girl, like 10, owner of Rolo.
Chipper. Possessive of Rolo.
Rolo’s pet alien animal.
Non-speaking sidekick.
Bold enabler.
Older sister of Zira, like 16.
Initially mean and aloof.
Madame Zanana
Museum curator.
Wise and insightful.
Capt. Blarzenhook
Old star captain, pirate accent. Loquacious storyteller.
Tavern Scene  (funny!)
The Ballad of Blarzenhook
Nothing is sacred here. I’m open to any changes.

Based on the premise and characters of PetEarthling.com, but a wholy different story.
The art here is from that source — for inspiration only, not suited for animation.

Planet Blorx — advanced alien civilization, including an earthling park (dog park), wormhole subway, and an Animal Control Force robot army. Note: The Blorxians don’t need to look so alien (e.g. Naavi, Ewoks, Cat-people, Dog-people, etc.).

Character Arcs
Rolo sacrifices everything to start a new life.
Zira learns to let go of Rolo.
Riffa reconnects with her sister Zira.

Letting your children grow up — Zira is like a possessive parent who doesn’t want her child to grow up and leave home. Animal Control is like the rules that kids want to escape from to be a grown up.

Growing apart — Riffa is in her adolescent teen phase, no longer interested in her childish sister. Rolo has grown into a middle age man while Zira is still a child.

Empathy — Like many kids, Zira doesn’t realize how much she scares her pet and makes him uncomfortable.

Role Reversal — Humans as pets
Role Reversal — Girl as parent, man as child
Science — Science gibberish and natural history spoofs
Stacking — A pet has a pet, the moon has a moon, aliens abducted by aliens
Easter Eggs — Allusions to movies, tv, and books

Snacks, Food
Science, History

Character Species
Blorxians are 14-18 feet tall and can pick up a human like a cat. They are very much like us, with full emotions and they love their pets. But they are much smarter and advanced; even a child fully understands quantum physics, and they have computer chip implants to be even smarter. Their native language happens to be exactly like English.

Earthlings are pets to the Blorxians. They are normal humans with normal adult intelligence, not animal-like. But the aliens underestimate their intelligence and overprotect them, and the humans have never known a life of independence, so they conform to the low expectations. Blorxians like a variety of earthling races (like pet breeds). Rolo is depicted as white in my source material for a comedic power reversal, but for this story he can be any race.

Proposed original song for the karaoke scene reconciling the two sisters.
Song & Lyrics

Planet of the Apes — humans as lesser animals, and Zira’s name
Secret Life of Pets — pet’s perspective
E.T. — kid-alien bond, chaotic family, leaving for home
Lilo & Stitch — kid-alien bond, chaotic family, sibling relationship, troubled girl
Home — kid-alien buddy film
FrozenOnward — sibling relationships
Frozen 2Ralph Breaks the Internet — wanting more in life, and letting go of that person
Beauty and the BeastLittle Mermaid — wanting more in life
Despicable MeIncrediblesSoulUp — middle-aged/old protagonist
Every Family Film Ever — loss of a parent or family member

Battlestar Galactica — finding Earth
Inside OutThe Big Bang TheoryThe Good Place — academic/science humor
Avatar — alien allies on alien world
Monsters Inc.ShrekGood DinosaurLuca — green protagonist

Concept art only. This style not suited for animation.
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